Hoteko Conservation Easement

Hoteko Conservation Easement

An excerpt of a letter from Mr. Dimitri Hoteko:

“ …My wife and I thank you very kindly for drawing up the river protection easement for our Chippewa Flowage property…We began coming to the Hayward area in the early 70’s. At that time Hayward was a sleepy fishing town. We were impressed with the area, and were fortunate to acquire a place on the flowage in the mid 80’s.

Since then, through the present, we’ve observed some disturbing trends. Resorts being “condos,” modest houses being torn down & replaced by mansions, with the area becoming in effect the “Lake Geneva of the north.” The effects have also spread to the water.

Whereas a 25 HP outboard was considered large, now 75’s seem to be standard, with some 150’s & even 175’s. I have an 8, which allows me to enjoy the scenery. The highways have been affected as well. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been passed on the double yellow, while doing the speed limit in deer heavy areas.

We live in a southwest suburb adjacent to Chicago, and get enough of the hustle and bustle. We come up north to relax, not take that lifestyle with us.

That’s why when an opportunity arose to help preserve the area for future generations we decided to take it. It may seem a small step in the scheme of things, but it has to start somewhere, and may well spread. You and the other involved have made it possible for which we’ll always be grateful.

Yours in the spirit of conservation, Dimitri & Phyllis”

In 2011, Frank Pratt, retired Wisconsin State Fisheries Biologist, reported on the Hoteko easement: “This is a fisheries homerun! The shoreline of the opposite shore is one of the better muskellunge spawning/nursery areas in the entire Chippewa Flowage.”