Lac Courte Oreilles


Fourth-generation landowners on the eastern end of Lac Courte Oreilles have had their dream of land protection fulfilled. Over 1,400 feet of undeveloped shoreline on Wisconsin’s fifth largest natural lake, and 270 acres of forest, have been protected as vital natural habitat . The intact natural shoreline will continue to enhance the water quality and fishery throughout the lake.

The property owners explained the family’s desire to protect the property. “Development pressure has increased substantially. We have seen that human activities can degrade what nature has so generously provided.” In attempting to express the feelings they hold for their land, the family noted that words alone are inadequate. Rather, the smells, sounds, sights and feel of the place in the mind’s eye are what makes the family home special.

Based on the family’s long- term relationship with the area around Lac Courte Oreilles, the owners are convinced that they have a responsibility to help conserve that which is slowly slipping away.

For them, a conservation easement establishes an enduring mark by which they can gauge their impact on what nature has provided. By stepping forward, the property owners wish to provide a stewardship model for others. The owners acquired the property from their parents, who have been an inspiration through the love and care they bestowed on the land. As a lasting gift to their parents, this easement is a sign of the lessons learned, and of memories held dear.