Native Wildflower Sale

Native Wildflower Sale

Announcing the 2014 Native Wildflower Sale, sponsored by Couderay Waters Regional Land Trust.

Why grow native plants? Native wildflowers are suited to northern Wisconsin, and are adapted to the area’s soils, weather variations and moisture levels. They are attractive to native species of wildlife, including birds, butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects.

Do you have a difficult site where erosion occurs? Try planting some native plants. With root systems three times the height of the plant, they hold the soil together more effectively than turf grass, which has comparatively shallow roots — only a couple of inches deep.

Or how about giving a sense of place? Native species that grow and thrive here are the signature of the Northwoods. By encouraging natives to be part of yards and waterfronts, owners are keeping intact the character of the place they love.

In addition, native plants don’t care for fertilizer — they already have the nutrients and minerals they need in the soil. And they can help minimize the time spent mowing the lawn, which allows more time to enjoy other activities.

Plant some native wildflowers this year, and grow local!

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2014 Native Wildflower Sale

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