Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library Project

In 2007, the Weiss Community Library board, the City of Hayward, and CWRLT joined to plan a Preservation Project on 12 acres surrounding the new library.  The project goal was to conserve and restore the wetlands and surrounding property for public benefit and education.


Many community groups and businesses have been involved in the planning and construction of nature trails, boardwalk, outdoor benches, and information kiosks. The area is rich in educational nature experiences such as an ephemeral wetland with five different zones of plant life; a formerly forested upland which was blown down in 2011, and now provides an opportunity for observation of natural succession and nesting habitat; and an abandoned farmstead within the park is reverting back to nature. Efforts to reintroduce native plants, improve non-game wildlife habitat and remove non-native plants and educational kiosks continue.


CWRLT has a non-traditional land trust agreement with the Weiss Library Board, the city of Hayward, and Sawyer County which perpetually prohibits any residential, agriculture, commercial, or industrial use of the nature park. The agreement will maintain or improve the character of the property as a screen and aesthetically pleasing educational resource and contemplative retreat for areas citizens and visitors.